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Big Brother 14: Joe Tries to Make a Deal with Britney and Shane

At 11:00pm on the live feeds Britney, Shane and Joe are in the HOH room chatting.
Joe tells Britney and Shane that he’s in complete shock that he was nominated his heart started pacing and he felt sick. He wants Shane to know that he understands the nominations and were a smart thing to do. Joe give a lot of praise at Shane commenting on how he’s the strongest player in the house. Joe admits that alliance did screw Shane’s team over and so did Willie. Joe doesn’t want Janelle and her team to sugar coat how he’s feeling right now and he says he is very mad.

Joe is saying that people in the house can not trust Mike Boogie at all. Shane is saying he needs to make deals because he has nobody on his side right now. Britney tells Joe Read more »

Shane, Ashley and Danielle Discuss Game in the Hammock

At 10:05pm on the live feeds Shane, Ashley and Danielle are in the hammock chatting.
Shane points out that after what Wil did to Kara last week he’s not sure about trusting him. He states there are 8 players and 4 coaches and it’s not a big of a stretch for them to mix up the player and get new coaches. Ashley says that Mike Boogie never even talks to her about anything in the house. She says that she doesn’t trust Ian anymore and that he is very vindictive and conniving. Shane says if he wins HOH he’ll put up Wil and Ian because putting up the 2 strongest isn’t a good idea.

Shane says that Janelle’s plan is to take Danielle and use her to go after Mike Boogies team. He says that he thinks Danielle is very smart but she is confused Read more »

Shane Talks to Jojo After Using the Power of Veto

At 11:40am on the live feeds Shane and JoJo are in the bathroom talking.
The veto ceremony just ended and both Shane and JoJo are chatting about the events that took place. JoJo says that nobody laughed at the joke that she tried to make during her veto speech. She says that this season is going to be very predictable and the viewers will find that boring. Shane says it’s going to be me and you left or me and Danielle after this Thursday. Shane says that the other side of the house has been very distant to him except for Ashley who talks to him.

Shane says that now Britney has the chance to lose two players in a single week because of Willie. Shane says that he is fighting for her to stay in the house this week and she thanks him for Read more »