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Shane Talks to Jojo After Using the Power of Veto

At 11:40am on the live feeds Shane and JoJo are in the bathroom talking.
The veto ceremony just ended and both Shane and JoJo are chatting about the events that took place. JoJo says that nobody laughed at the joke that she tried to make during her veto speech. She says that this season is going to be very predictable and the viewers will find that boring. Shane says it’s going to be me and you left or me and Danielle after this Thursday. Shane says that the other side of the house has been very distant to him except for Ashley who talks to him.

Shane says that now Britney has the chance to lose two players in a single week because of Willie. Shane says that he is fighting for her to stay in the house this week and she thanks him for Read more »

The Big Brother 14 Live Feeds Have Started

On July 12th at 10pm the Big Brother 14 live feeds finally got turned on and a lot of things have happened in the game so far. Here’s a breakout of what has happened in the house and where this game might go in the next couple of days. Then again, it’s Big Brother so anything can and will change depending on many multiple factors.
When the live feeds got turned on we found out that Willie nominated Frank and Kara for eviction. We’re nearly a week away from the next eviction so there’s a lot that can happen to change these events. That means it’s not really worth guessing who is in the most immediate danger as many sides of the house continue to argue and debate.

The sides of the house so far seem to be split down the middle by Read more »

A First Look at the Houseguests Inside the House

CBS put out a couple of candid pictures of the Big Brother 14 houseguests being inside the house. The entire cast of Big Brother 14 moved into the house on July 7th so they have been in the house now for close to a week now. The live feeds have not been turned on yet so these pictures are a seek peak into the house.

In the first picture we see Kara, JoJo, Joe and Willie all excited to be entering the Big Brother house for the first time. We do see Joe is a tad more excited then the rest followed a close second with Kara. This is the time they rush to the bedrooms to see if any bed is still available because nobody wants to share.

The second picture shows JoJo and Willie in the kitchen while JoJo is drinking something from a wine glass. Read more »