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Big Brother 14: Jenn and Ashley Talk About Working Together

At 1:45pm on the live feeds Jenn and Ashley are in the bathroom chatting.
Jenn and Ashley talk about wanting a girl to win this Thursdays HOH competition. Jenn states that all the girls in the house really need to work together or they will get picked off. Jenn says that they have to do something major or else they will be in very serious trouble. Jenn says that they really need to get Danielle on their side. Ashley says agrees and says they need to start working on here before it gets too late.

Jenn says that at the start of the game she was really worried about the coaches becoming players. She now thinks the show will not bring them in as players at all. Ashley states that she doesn’t think it will happen either because it wont be Read more »

The Big Brother 14 Live Feeds Have Started

On July 12th at 10pm the Big Brother 14 live feeds finally got turned on and a lot of things have happened in the game so far. Here’s a breakout of what has happened in the house and where this game might go in the next couple of days. Then again, it’s Big Brother so anything can and will change depending on many multiple factors.
When the live feeds got turned on we found out that Willie nominated Frank and Kara for eviction. We’re nearly a week away from the next eviction so there’s a lot that can happen to change these events. That means it’s not really worth guessing who is in the most immediate danger as many sides of the house continue to argue and debate.

The sides of the house so far seem to be split down the middle by Read more »

The Big Brother 14 Porch Cast Picture

The people over at CBS have put out another professional picture showing the fans a first look at the new cast together. On this picture they are all outside on the front porch waiting to go into the house for the first time and play the game. They will mostly likely be called into the house in groups of 4 since we have a total of 12 new players this season. The returning mentors are not featured in this picture because the twist didn’t get revealed to them at this point.
With the most anticipated summer reality television show airing today, we are so excited for the Big Brother 14 live feeds to be finally be turned on! Don’t forget that the Big Brother 14 live feeds will be turned on right after the show finishes airing on the west coast. Read more »