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Big Brother 14: Britney and Ian Have Small Talk

At 3:50pm on the live feeds Britney and Ian are in the living room chatting.
Britney asks Ian if he’s going to try to win the endurance HOH on Thursday. He says that he really wants to try as hard as possible to win it. He also states that he has tried to win every competition that he has participated it but he just sucks.

Ian is telling Britney that 2 RA’s in the same building at his school are not allowed to date each other. He says they don’t allow any kind of interwork place relationships to take place. Britney keeps asking him about some random questions about his dorm life and school. Ian says that he’s also not allowed to date residences but that he once had a flirtmance with a girl. He says it was the way he and Ashley flirt Read more »

Big Brother 14: Mike Boogie and Ian Talk Game with Danielle

At 5:15pm on the live feeds Mike Boogie, Ian and Danielle are in the arcade room chatting.
Mike Boogie and Ian are trying to sway Danielle to play on their side. Mike Boogie tells her that he was planning on leaving the alliance with Janelle next week. He says that Shane winning the HOH and firing 2 shots at her team has changed his end game plan. Mike Boogie tells her that he’s worried about Janelle in the game because she is so powerful in the coaches competition. He says there is no final long term deal with Shane but they are working together for the time being.

Danielle states that she trusts Mike Boogie’s players a lot more than Janelle’s team. Mike Boogie adds that he is 100% on board with working with Shane as long as he is Read more »

Ian and Ashley Discuss Game in the Hammock

At 4:05pm on the live feeds Ian and Ashley are in the hammock chatting.
Ashley has something to tell Ian but he has to promise not to tell Mike Boogie. Ian is reluctant to promise her he wont but is getting a bit worried about what it might be. Ashley says to hear her out and promise you keep the information she tells him between them. Ian wants to know if someone is trying to flip the vote for either Danielle or JoJo. Ashley says that no one from their alliance is changing the vote and says that Shane and JoJo are trying to get the house to keep JoJo.

Ashley is very worried that if Shane wins this weeks HOH and if someone wins the power of veto and she might go home. Ian is worried about that they are going down a very scary road with Read more »