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Big Brother 14: Dan and Danielle Talk About Their Options

At 4:50pm on the live feeds Dan and Danielle are in the backyard chatting.
Dan tells Danielle that they really need to have a serious game talk with Janelle and her players to make a deal for safety. Danielle states that Shane keeps telling Frank that the target who is going home this week is Joe. She says that if ends up voting out Frank that Mike Boogie will come after her.

Danielle asks Dan why does she feel that I’m reliving Big Brother 10 and playing your game. Dan says that this is how hes been trying to manufacture the season for her. Danielle asks him when he was the swing vote on his season what he ended up doing. Dan said that he went with the people he liked the most and that he could trust.

Danielle says that she might Read more »

Big Brother 14: Six Houseguests Have a Backyard Sushi Party

At 9:10pm on the live feeds Mike Boogie, Dan, Janelle, Britney, Shane and Danielle are in the backyard for the sushi party.
Mike Boogie, Dan, Janelle, Britney, Shane and Danielle share what their biggest surprise was in coming into Big Brother. Britney says it her picking Willie and not knowing what she got into. Mike Boogie says Wil surprised him the most when he voted out his best friend Kara. Janelle says her biggest surprise has been the way Ian has been acting. Shane states that Joe is a family man and a rugged man then he then he started making these amazing meals. Danielle says that she thought she and Jenn were going but heads with her being she’s from the south and she being from New York. Dan says he’s been hit with many surprises Read more »

Dan and Janell Talk About Who Might Get Nominated

At 9:00pm on the live feeds Dan and Janelle are in the arcade room chatting.
Janelle tells Dan that Frank is very person dangerous in this game and they need to try and get him on the block. Janelle states that Frank is putting on a lot of charm with Britney. Dan thinks they need to interrupt their talks as much as possible. Janelle keeps stressing the fact on how dangerous Frank really is in this game. Dan says that they need to make sure Boogie doesn’t win the coaches competition. He says if that happens that Janelle will most likely have 2 players on the block.

Dan says that he thinks Boogie looks really scared now that Shane on HOH. Janelle says she has a team of floaters because they never win any competitions. Dan says he’s now Read more »