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Big Brother Commercial: 2 Night Premiere Preview

We’re just one day away from the Big Brother 16 season premiere launch date. All fans are excited about the season premiere episode and can’t wait to find out what crazy twists CBS has in store for us this summer.2 Night Premiere Preview

In advance of the new 2 night season premiere on Wednesday and Thursday night, the network has released another commercial. This commercial has most of the houseguests singing pretty poorly and we feel bad that CBS forced the poor houseguests to do this. Read more »

Big Brother Commercial: Expect The Unexpected!

The Big Brother 16 season premiere is just a couple of more weeks away. While we hardly get much spoilers from the CBS pre-season commercials, the newest does give a couple of teases about the upcoming season. In the video CBS teases that we will see “twist after twisted twist” for the new season.Expect The Unexpected!

Before we get too worked up, we still have no clue with any certainty what the twist will be or what could make this season’s so “twisted.” It’s also worth noting that the people who run the commercials aren’t always in the know. If you remember last year the commercial said Big Brother would last 100 days but it ended after 90. Read more »

Big Brother Commercial: Season Premiere Preview

The Big Brother 16 season premiere is just a couple of more weeks away. Each and every year CBS puts out a video showcasing all the fun and excitement that the viewers will get by watching Big Brother this summer.Season Premiere Preview

The first official Big Brother 16 commercial of the season has been put out. As usual, of course, we don’t get any inside information about the new season cast or twist yet, but it’s still great that Big Brother has put out an awesome season premiere preview. Read more »