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A First Look at the Houseguests Inside the House

CBS put out a couple of candid pictures of the Big Brother 14 houseguests being inside the house. The entire cast of Big Brother 14 moved into the house on July 7th so they have been in the house now for close to a week now. The live feeds have not been turned on yet so these pictures are a seek peak into the house.

In the first picture we see Kara, JoJo, Joe and Willie all excited to be entering the Big Brother house for the first time. We do see Joe is a tad more excited then the rest followed a close second with Kara. This is the time they rush to the bedrooms to see if any bed is still available because nobody wants to share.

The second picture shows JoJo and Willie in the kitchen while JoJo is drinking something from a wine glass. Read more »

The Big Brother 14 Porch Cast Picture

The people over at CBS have put out another professional picture showing the fans a first look at the new cast together. On this picture they are all outside on the front porch waiting to go into the house for the first time and play the game. They will mostly likely be called into the house in groups of 4 since we have a total of 12 new players this season. The returning mentors are not featured in this picture because the twist didn’t get revealed to them at this point.
With the most anticipated summer reality television show airing today, we are so excited for the Big Brother 14 live feeds to be finally be turned on! Don’t forget that the Big Brother 14 live feeds will be turned on right after the show finishes airing on the west coast. Read more »

The Big Brother 14 Backyard Cast Picture

CBS has tweeted a picture showing the fans an exclusive first look at the new cast outside in the backyard plus the four returning players as well. The picture does feature the four returning players but they are hidden and will not be revealed until the very first episode on July 12th. But if you have been following my twitter or other rumors people already have a very good guess of who those returning veterans are. The next time we’ll see all these houseguests is during Thursday’s Big Brother 14 premiere on CBS on July 12th. Also make sure to catch them again when the 24/7 live feeds begin that night at 1am EST along with Big Brother After Dark on Showtime. If you don’t have your SuperPass account yet then there’s still time to get Read more »