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A Big Brother 14 House Tour with Julie Chen

Julie Chen gives the viewers her yearly tour of the newly designed Big Brother house from the colors to the theme of the rooms. She walks through all the rooms while talking about each room and its unique theme. She comments on how vibrant the house is from the ceiling to the floor.

The diary room hallway is where there are large robot cut outs on the walls. The first bedroom she tours is a room where the theme is all about music and stereos. The next bedroom that we see has sneakers that cover an entire side of a wall.

She then goes to the table that has a skyline on it and she describes that it represents the different personalities of the house coming together. Next she tours the big brother kitchen and shows where the live feeds catch Read more »

Inside the Big Brother 14 Press Day Event

Big Brother and CBS picked a few journalists to spend a full day in the Big Brother 14 house and compete in a week’s worth of challenges all in one day. CBS started the Press Day to allow members of the media to discover what it really is like to live in the Big Brother house, even if it is just for a single day.

The Press Day event took place a couple of weeks back inside the all new Big Brother 14 house. We end up seeing who got on slop, who won HOH, who won Veto and who ended up being evicted from the house. This year 2 past Big Brother houseguests also took part in the media event as well.

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A Big Brother 14 House Tour from Superpass

On behalf of SuperPass the journalist Spicy ended up traveling all the way to the Big Brother 14 house to take part in an event called Press Day. Press Day is something that only a select few of reporters end up doing every year to write about the house and talk with producers. They also take detailed tours of the latest house to give a critique on how they like or hate the design that was created.

The video that was filmed shows Spicy going room by room looking at all the changes to the house from the previous year. She ends up looking at the HOH room, the kitchen, the bedrooms plus a lot more. If you want to see more than just pictures of the Big Brother 14 house then go ahead and check out the video below to see if you enjoy the look.

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