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Big Brother News: The Big Brother Live Kickoff Show

For this season of Big Brother CBS had done a lot of pre-season promotions and content to get fans excited for the new season. Tonight at 7pm EST right before the first episode CBS will be hosting a Big Brother Live Kickoff Show.The Big Brother Live Kickoff Show

If you really can’t wait for Big Brother 16 to start tonight then you are in luck. Jeff Schroeder from Big Brother 11 & 13 and the host of Big Brother Live Chat will host a one-hour live kickoff show with guests Kevin Frazier (co-host of The Insider) and Andy Herren (Big Brother 15 winner). Read more »

Big Brother Houseguest: Meet Andy Herren

Name: Andy Herren
Age: 26
Hometown: Aurora, Ill.
Lives: Chicago, Ill.
Occupation: Professor
Marital Status: SingleMeet Andy HerrenThree adjectives that describe you: Friendly, funny and red.
Favorite Activities: Improv, eating candy, watching TV, running, laughing with friends, playing with puppies as they walk down the street, teaching, making lists, ranking things, teaching my family’s cockatiel to call my dad “gurl,” messing with people, eating ice-cream too fast and being adorable.
What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the “Big Brother” house? Not having any privacy. I would be lying if I said I don’t find this intimidating. Also, the prospect of slop is something I have regular nightmares about. I just…can’t.
Strategy Read more »

Big Brother Houseguests: The Big Brother 15 Houseguests Revealed

CBS has officially announced all 16 contestants that will be competing in the 15th season of Big Brother. This season includes people from a wide range of professional background, the 15th season features a slightly much younger cast compared to previous seasons. Only 3 houseguests happen to be over the age of 30.

The Big Brother 15 Houseguests Revealed

All 16 houseguests will be competing for the $500,000 prize in this years 100 days of summer extended Big Brother edition. The show recently also announced two twists: three houseguests, instead of the normal two, will be nominated for eviction, and an MVP will be chosen based on audience votes each week. Voting for the first MVP has opened on the show’s official website following the cast announcement. Information about what Read more »