Shane Talks to Jojo After Using the Power of Veto

At 11:40am on the live feeds Shane and JoJo are in the bathroom talking.
The veto ceremony just ended and both Shane and JoJo are chatting about the events that took place. JoJo says that nobody laughed at the joke that she tried to make during her veto speech. She says that this season is going to be very predictable and the viewers will find that boring. Shane says it’s going to be me and you left or me and Danielle after this Thursday. Shane says that the other side of the house has been very distant to him except for Ashley who talks to him.

Shane says that now Britney has the chance to lose two players in a single week because of Willie. Shane says that he is fighting for her to stay in the house this week and she thanks him for doing that. Shane says that him and her should make out this week while we have they both have a chance. JoJo comments on how they can do it secretly will do it so they don’t get caught. She says that she knows that the viewers love them because they are so real and attractive to look at.