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  1. Laurel Gasper says:

    Paulie be respectful to a women. Very disgraceful and disappointing. Man up kid! if your gonna act a certain way take responsibility for it. #creepy

  2. Laurel Gasper says:

    Friendship! Absolutely My favorite player thus far! I hope you win Paul for you and your mom! #familyfirst

  3. Laurel Gasper says:

    I love watching you on the show!

  4. DiDi9 says:

    Mean nasty person. Shame on her for the awful things she has said and done to Kevin.

  5. Trisha Awe-Bredekamp says:

    I agree such a vile person

  6. Shemara Daye says:

    Alex I was really rooting for you but you started trusting the wrong people and that really ruined your game. Paul led all of you around like little sheep and he was the reason each one of you left the game, even you. He used Josh to really do his dirty work and Josh knew it but he was in too deep to turn the game around. Christmas just got mesmerized by Paul and she wouldn’t listen to anything Josh tried to tell her about Paul. This whole season sucked once Paul got control.