Joe and Wil Discuss Who Shane Plans on Nominating

At 8:30pm on the live feeds Joe and Wil are in the arcade room chatting.
Wil tells Joe if he wants to do a deal with Shane and tell him he’s safe for next week if they win HOH. Wil asks Joe if he really wants to work with Frank or try get rid of him. Joe tells him to just wait to see who Shane will put up on the block. Joe thinks if Shane wins HOH that himself and Frank will go up or Wil and Frank. Wil said it could even be both of them on the block. Joe says Shane wants someone from Janelle’s team on the block for turning on them last week.

Joe finds it hard to believe that Shane won’t consider Frank as his number 1 target because Frank put Shane up last week. Wil points out that Frank is walking around acting pretty confident and safe. Joe agrees they wonder if Shane and Frank made a deal last week for Shane to not nominate Frank at all. Joe says it really doesn’t matter because their side controls the votes this week. Joe then says they don’t really control the votes if two from their alliance goes up and then its up to the house.