Joe and Wil Discuss the Coaches and Frank

At around 10:30am on the live feeds Joe is sitting upstairs with Wil next to the chess board.

Joe and Wil talk about starting to manipulate Ian and Jenn because they really need Frank out of this game fast. Wil says that if the opportunity presents itself they will need to get Frank out as soon as possible. Joe agrees and says that really does think Frank is a great guy but that he couldn’t beat him in any of these competition.

Joe asks what does he think about the possibility of Shane actually winning another power of veto today? Wil thinks if he wins his second one in a row and does take himself off then Danielle will go up and might be voted out. They say if Danielle is up next to JoJo then they can possibly send both Dan and Danielle home at the same time.

They then talk about not telling Janelle any more information just in case she goes back into the game as a player. Joe says that Janelle knows all of their secrets and she end up using all of it against them. Joe thinks it will come down to a coaches competition and one of them will enter the game as a player.