Janelle, Wil and Ashley Talk About Voting out Jojo

A little under 11:00pm on the live feeds Janelle is telling Wil and Ashley that they need to get rid of JoJo this week. Janelle says that the new games producer likes having a lot more physical competitions than previous seasons. They say that this is very bad news when they are going up against people like Shane and Frank in these challenges. Wil tells the group if Shane wins the next HOH that him and Frank are going to go up on the block. Janelle states that they have the votes to save Wil as long as they can get Danielle on their side this week. They all agree that Frank needs to go right away and hopefully Shane can do the dirty work for them next week. Janelle says that she can work a lot more with Danielle over JoJo because JoJo is still very upset that Janelle’s team turned on them.