Janelle and Ashley Talk Game in the Hoh Bath Tub

At 10:45pm on the live feeds Janelle and Ashley are in the HOH bath tub talking.
Janelle asks Ashley if Joe will be ok if they vote out JoJo this week instead of his target Danielle. Ashley doesn’t think it’ll be a very big issue with him but does like the idea of Dan leaving at the same time. Ashley also points out how Danielle has been giving her a lot of nasty looks when she spends time with talking with Shane alone.

Ashley talks about her conversation with Shane and how well it went. She tells her how Shane is very worried about getting backdoored next week. Ashley mentions that when she was talking to Shane and that Mike Boogie was watching them talk in the background. She feels confident that they can get Shane to nominate two people from Mike Boogies team and not their own.

Janelle really wants to work with Frank and really wishes that he was on her team instead. Ashley brings up how Shane thinks that a twist might switch the teams around and people will get different coaches. Janelle says that it wont be very fair to her and because she worked hard to keep all 3 of her players in the game.