Janelle and Ashley Talk About Winning Hoh

At 2:40pm on the live feeds Janelle and Ashley are in the arcade room chatting.
Ashley tells Janelle that all the guys in house are getting really cocky and think they are safe. Janelle says hopefully she wins HOH this week and target Frank for eviction. Ashley says that she is concerned that if Joe wins HOH he won’t nominate Frank because they might have a side deal. Janelle states that Frank has watched every episode of Big Brother and that he is strong, has a great personality and he is in physical shape. They say that Shane hasn’t even watched a single season of Big Brother and that he was scouted by a modeling agency to come on here.

Janelle says that she is tired of all the men thinking the can run the whole house and talk bad about all the girls and their bodies. Janelle says if something about he eating half a muffin is talked about she will lose it. She tells Ashley that she really needs to win HOH this week. Ashley says that it only takes one day to get brainwashed in this house. They comment on how mean the guys are being and commenting on the girls physical appearance. Ashley says sorry and that all the weight she gains goes to her ass and tits.