Britney Tells Jojo That She’s Losing Votes

At 11:55pm on the live feeds Britney and JoJo are in the backyard chatting.
Britney is telling JoJo that she pissed off a lot of people today with the way she has been trying to win votes. She says that everyone is in the kitchen right now telling stories about all the things that she has told people. She also tells JoJo that Joe will no longer be voting for her now because she told him that his coach is running the house. Britney says that her players told Janelle everything that JoJo has been doing in order to get votes.

JoJo says its obvious that Janelle is pulling Danielle in to work with her and voting her out. Britney said Joe would of given her a vote for trading a couple of packs of cigarettes but now he isn’t even doing that. She also stated that Ashley said her vote is up in the air right now and doesn’t know what she will do but she will go with the house. Britney says that at this point it looks like Janelle’s whole team will be voting you out and it doesn’t look like we have the votes to save you.