Britney, Ashley and Danielle Are in the Hoh Bath Tub Having Fun

At 10:15pm on the live feeds Britney, Ashley and Danielle are in the HOH bath tub talking.
Britney asks them if Frank flirts in the house and Ashley thinks he does a little bit with Janelle. Danielle says that Frank has a nice body and that Ashley and Frank should flirt with each other. Britney teases that Frank and Ashley should really start a showmance very soon. Ashley says he’s not her type at all and that she really just wants to cut off all that long hair.

Danielle tells the girls that she didn’t even have sex before the show started. She says she is on a serious dry spell and hasn’t had sex in a very long time. Ashley says the guy she wanted to have sex with was unavailable and blowing her off. Britney says she had sex before she got here and the girls tell her how lucky she is to have a great husband.

Britney asks Danielle if she really thinks she’s going home this Thursday. Danielle says that she really has no idea what the house wants to do. She thinks she’s staying but doesn’t really know for sure. Danielle complains that the camera is zooming in on her while they are in the bath tub and she doesn’t like it.