Big Brother Twist: Team America Voting Has Begun

This season of Big Brother introduces an all new twist that will keep viewers voting and the houseguests sweating the outcome. Actually this twist is called Team America and it’s already begun.Team America Voting Has Begun

The very first Team America vote was open briefly yesterday and most probably missed the opportunity to vote before the polls closed. Big Brother asked fans “If you had to form an alliance with one of the houseguests, who would you select? Choose wisely, your vote will impact the game.”

Team America could run the whole season or end by weeks 5 or 6 like most twists do. There will be other online voting exclusive to the live feeds subscribers running as well. Maybe Team America will shift from everyone voting to just the live feed subscribers? Or these two voting twists could run side by side all season long.

Who did America end up aligning with? And how did this impact the game? These questions will be answered on the season premiere on June 25th at 8PM EST. If you want to take part in future Team America voting please visit CBS here for more details.

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