Big Brother

The show Big Brother is a reality program where a bunch of people enter a house, without being capable to escape, or have any kid of communication, and be observed by television cameras while they take part in challenges, start friendships, and vote one another out for the chance of acquiring the $500,000 prize. They’re not admitted to depart the house for whatever grounds, they can’t watch or read anything except the bible or a religious text, no computers, no cell phones, no MP3 players and solely the HOH is afforded a small movable CD player.

The Head of Household takes place every week that the Big Brother house guests attempt to win it and all the benefits that included for that week. The winner of the HOH acquires their own bedroom with a big bathroom, a large bed, a little refrigerator and items shipped to them by friends and family like, letters, images, CD’s and various types of food. Also each week the latest HOH must pick two house guests to be placed on the block to be voted on to be evicted that same week.

Once a week only six of the Big Brother house guests that includes the two people on the block and HOH get to play for the sought after golden power of veto. The person who acquires the Veto can pick to take out one of the candidates from the nomination chair. If one of the two is taken off the block then the HOH must right away substitute that nominee with an all new house guest even if he or she didn’t even have a chance to play in the Veto.

Every week the Big Brother house guests go into the diary room to select their choice on who they want to see evicted. The two house guests on the block and the HOH can’t vote unless it comes down to a tie vote. Once all the votes are in then the host of the program Julie Chen declares to the house guests the outcome and the evicted house guest has under one minute to say bye. The show starts with anywhere between 12 to 16 house guests every season.

Once there’s only nine house guests still in the house then the voted out house guests from that point on get sequestered to a second house called the Jury House. When the Big Brother house only has two guests remaining in the house then the seven sequestered contestants are required to vote for the individual they want to win the $500,000.00 grand prize.

The Big Brother episodes air three times a week on Sunday at 8PM ET, Wednesday at 9PM ET and Thursday at 9pm ET. The show on Thursday is nearly always a live program and is hosted Julie Chen.