Big Brother Over The Top Premieres Tonight On CBS All Access

Big Brother Over The Top Premieres Tonight On CBS All Access

Tonight is the series premiere of Big Brother Over The Top. The all new CBS All Access series kicks off with an hour live show starting at 10PM ET (7PM PT) for a simultaneous premiere across the country.

We have discovered that the houseguests will move in live tonight during the premiere. That’s a great change from the CBS TV versions because we lose the first week’s worth of drama. The first week is when the houseguest learn about each other and this time seeing it develop live will be very exciting.

Big Brother Over The Top will be entirely online through CBS All Access this fall so you will need to sign up now with the 7 day FREE trial to watch everything. If you wish you can watch the entire show on your TV with devices like Roku.

We’ve got 65 days ahead of us with weekly evictions events each Wednesday night starting at 10PM ET (7PM PT) with a weekly live show, eviction vote, and a new hoh competition. All these new changes will really make for an exciting season.

There will be a fairly routine schedule each week so everyone knows when to tune in and watch. Of course if you do miss anything then it’s easy to rewind since everything is on the live feeds and have the flashback option along with episodes and packaged events at your fingertips.

Are you ready for Big Brother Over The Top? Sign up today to the live feeds because you won’t be able to watch the show with it. Again the series starts tonight on CBS All Access at 10PM ET (7PM PT).