Big Brother News: Big Brother 16 Goes High Definition

After fifteen seasons Big Brother will finally switch to modern broadcast technology and be shown in high definition. Each year fans hope that Big brother will go from its original SD format to HD and this year its a reality. CBS says they have been working on switching over but it took a couple of seasons to finally launch the show in high definition for 2014.Big Brother 16 Goes High Definition

According to a report from, CBS will be converting Big Brother to HDTV for the 2014 season which premieres on June 25. They say that Big Brother was one of the last regularly scheduled primetime programs to not be converted to HD until now.

According to executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan the move to HD wasn’t out of laziness to stick to the old methods or even a desire to save money. They state that the process of process of converting the show to a fully HD environment was simply too overwhelming and took a very long time to implement.

Allison Grodner discusses that they wanted to go digital for a very long time. She states that wanting and making it happen are very different things when they have dozens of cameras that are taping houseguests non-stop for months. She also brings up the difficult element of streaming the Big Brother live feeds in HD and how that was a challenge as well.

Not only will viewers get to watch Big Brother in HD and on the live feeds, but they’ll also have more cameras. CBS states that there will now be 76 HD cameras and well over 100 microphones to cover all the action.