Big Brother Live Feeds: The Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Have Started

On June 26th at 9pm PST the Big Brother 15 live feeds finally got turned on and a lot of things have happened in the game so far. Here’s a breakout of what has happened in the house and where this game might go in the next couple of days. Then again, it’s Big Brother so anything can and will change depending on many multiple factors.The Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Have StartedWhen the Big brother 15 live feeds went live the first thing we saw was a very upset Jessie. This was not the same Jessie we saw on the television episode tonight. She looked depressed and down tonight once the feeds went live.

We find out later on during the night that there were a couple of reasons for her attitude.The first reason was that she was nominated for eviction by McCrae and the second reason was that she was having boy issues with Jeremy. It seems we do have a love triangle in the house, with the other party being the Kaitlin.

There’s also a second couple in the house which is Aaryn and David. There’s talk in the house that they knew each other outside of the show. There was also pre-live feed fight that involved Candice and a girl. At this point in time very little is knew of this altercation.

The first night of the Big Brother 15 live feeds is pretty exciting all around. One of the negatives is that too many conversations are taking place all at once and its hard to follow who is really aligned with who.