Big Brother Live Feeds: Jeff Schroeder Talks About Exclusive Bonus Features!

The very first episode of Big Brother 16 premiere is less than three weeks away if you haven’t heard by now, subscriptions for the Big Brother live feeds have opened up. Are you as thrilled as us and can’t hide your excitement? With your sign-up comes a lot of new features for this season of Big Brother along with the return of many of last years.Jeff Schroeder Talks About Exclusive Bonus Features!

The Big Brother 16 Early Bird sale has begun a couple of weeks earlier this time around. Jeff gives details of what is coming from CBS this year and so far it’s looking really great for Big Brother fans.

As usual we’ll see desktop, and mobile device, tablet, 24/7 access to content. But new for this season will be a couple of live feed only features like online voting that will effect the houseguests and possibly the game. The votes are only available to those individuals who have subscribed to the live feeds.

Flashbacks are making a return for this season of Big Brother. If you ever miss anything on the live feeds you can just flashback to the day and time to see what happened. The best component of enjoying the live feeds is never having to miss anything important.

The Big Brother live feeds also have integrated social media components to give a community feel to the whole thing. You’ll be able to chat with other fans in existing chat rooms or create your own and have your friends meet you there.

It’s great to be back for another summer covering everything Big Brother. Thanks to everyone who subscribed to the live feeds by using our links and banners. It really does make a difference for us while not costing you any more.