Big Brother House Tour: A Big Brother 16 House Tour With Julie Chen

Julie Chen gives us her yearly guided tour of the newly designed Big Brother house from the colors to the theme of all the rooms. She walks through the rooms while talking about each room and its unique theme and why it was designed the way it was. She also comments on how the house has a urban treehouse vibe about it this season.A Big Brother 16 House Tour With Julie Chen

Julie states that this summer they have installed 76 cameras which is 11 more than last years. She points out that this is more cameras than what are used at the Superbowl and the Oscars. The quality of the cameras have also improved over previous seasons because they now film in HD.

The living room is made to look like you’re inside of a very tall treehouse. The 20 foot tall tree sculpture is made of wood and steel that spans both floors and is the focal point of this year’s house. Behind the tree and throughout the house is a branch motif, giving off the illusion that the houseguests are living in the sky.

The theme of urban treehouse plans to also focus in on all the elements. We’ve got a fire room with lots of red and flame patterns, a earth room with fake rock pillows and spelunking equipment, a wind room that we don’t get to see just yet, and water was used for the bathroom with lots of blue and bubble patterns.

She then gives us a tour of the HOH room which has a birds nest, or as Julie likes to call it, a love nest. She then takes us right outside of the HOH room to show us the treehouse. She says the treehouse is perched above everything else to make someone think they rule the world.

Lastly she goes to the kitchen and tells us to not miss the special 2-night premiere on Wednesday June 25th at 8:00pm EST. Another thing to not miss this summer is picking up the Big Brother 16 live feeds from CBS. Get 20% off the whole season right now before it expires and get access to Big Brother all summer long!