Big Brother House Tour: A Big Brother 15 House Tour with Julie Chen

Julie Chen gives us her yearly guided tour of the newly designed Big Brother house from the colors to the theme of all the rooms. She walks through the rooms while talking about each room and its unique theme and why it was designed the way it was. She also comments on how the house has a 1960’s/Mad Men vibe about it this season.Julie Chen then goes to the living room and talks about how the 2 nomination chairs are missing. She states that they are missing because of this seasons twists. We could potentially see more than 2 people nominated each week this season.

She then goes into the first bedroom and talks about how it looks like an office. She brings up the designers Charles and Ray Eames and how their work was an inspiration for the wallpaper. She then walks into the second bedroom and talk about all the whimsical colors and how it reminds here of It’s a Small World. She then tries to open the have not room but its locked but gives up a hint that the sleeping situation will not be conformable.

She then goes to the bathroom and talks about how it has a sauna design and it was inspired on how things heat up in the house. Lastly she goes up into the HOH bedroom and talks about how it was designed with a black and white feel to it. She says that the HOH has a black and white design because that’s how the HOH lives.

The tour ends with Julie talking about the house having 65 cameras and 98 microphones and how Big Brother is always watching you. But the real questions is will you be watching the live feeds this summer? Check out the Big Brother 15 feeds from CBS feeds to 24/7 coverage of everything Big Brother this summer.