Ovi Kabir

Ovi Kabir

Age: 22
Hometown: Oakridge, Tennessee
Current city: Knoxville, Tennessee 
Occupation: College Student
Three adjectives that describe you: Relatable, motivated, and brown. 
Favorite activities: Rowing, partying (more of a lifestyle than a hobby if we are being honest), and watching Tennessee Basketball win games (yes, it’s a hobby if you live around Knoxville). 
What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house? 
I think the most difficult part of living in the Big Brother house will be being away from my dog. My mom and girlfriend can live without me for a while, but my dog is a little dumb and I worry that something is going to happen to him while I’m gone. But other than that, I’m not worried about much else. I’m no stranger to living with a lot of strangers and I don’t mind if we all have differing views on issues. I think that’s what makes this experience so cool is that I’ll get to challenge myself and get to know a lot of people that I did not know before and learn about their experiences in life. So it really comes down to me missing my dog. 
Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most? 
My favorite all-time Big Brother Houseguest has definitely got to be Hayden Moss from Big Brother 12. I loved watching his attitude and personality in the house and how he brought an alliance together like the Brigade. I know I won’t be able to win Big Brother on my own and understand that I have my own shortcomings. So by creating a strong alliance and leading them through the game, I feel like I can win the game. I always say that I might not be the smartest person in the room, but I will always have the smartest team. I feel like Hayden did just that and brought together Houseguests in his season to help accomplish his goals and ultimately be crowned the winner of Big Brother 12. 
Do you have a strategy for winning the game? 
I used to have a rowing coach who, when asked what would be the best way to win the race, he would reply, “Just row faster than all the other boats.” So my main strategy for winning the game is to not get any votes until finale night in which I hope to sweep the board. However, I understand that I might need to flesh out my overall strategy a little more than just that. My main strategy is to go into the house and get to know all the Houseguests on some sort of personal level and not alienate any members.

With that being said, I will do my best to create an alliance of strong Houseguests that I believe will work as a meat shield for me but will also help me move my plans in motion. Though I will have a core alliance, I hope to find the Houseguests on the outskirts and talk to them about things that are not game related. I want to create a personal bond with those Houseguests because they will then trust me and be able to tell me things they might not tell to others as they do not have many allies. Moreover, it will help me with my jury management.

My strategy regarding jury management is to keep it real with all the Houseguests I am voting out and to get to know them a little more on the week of eviction. So while other Houseguests are ostracizing the players on the block, I will do my best to become their friends on a personal level so that they feel good about me. I will also be very straight forward in my goodbye messages to evicted Houseguests and do my best to say how good of a player they are and that my vote was strictly a game move.

Though I have all these strategies in mind, I understand Big Brother has many twists and I must “expect the unexpected,” as Julie Chen says. So my other strategy of being flexible and being able to flow with the game I think will be instrumental in me winning.
My life’s motto is… 
“Why not me.” In all walks of life, someone has to do the job, someone needs to be a leader, someone needs to be cast on Big Brother so “why not me?” I have gone through my life with this motto and I always question that since someone has to do a specific, why can’t that person be me? I have full confidence in myself and my abilities to achieve the goals and dreams that I seek and make my imagination a reality. I truly believe that this life motto has kept me on the path of success. 
What would you take into the house and why?
– My Power-T Tennessee Pin. I wear that pin with pride and will rep my university everywhere I go, even in the Big Brother house. 
– My orange crocs because it’s like walking on clouds everywhere you go and I know I need to take care of my feet in the house. Plus, I’m pretty sure all the ladies will love them.
– A notebook and a pen I’ll hide in my underwear. That way I can take notes of what events we play, all the memories and facts of each houseguest, and use this information for later competitions.  

Fun facts about yourself
– I once threw one of the biggest parties at my university and had to call the cops on my own party so I could get everyone to leave. 
– I made my dog Insta-famous. (really go check him out; @mowglithecorgii) 
– I can freestyle rap better on any beat. 
– I have 10 different pairs of crocs in my closet.
– I drive a 2001 Toyota Minivan named the “White Stallion” and painted an orange checkerboard on the side doors and a Power T on the hood.

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