Big Brother 23 Houseguests Revealed


Are you prepared to meet the new cast of Big Brother 23 who will keep us entertained all summer long as we watch their every move? For the next three months, we will watch them compete, lie, and backstab their way to the half million dollar grand prize.

We’ve got sixteen all new houseguests again this year and after last year’s strong season and great ratings, we shouldn’t be surprised by this cast of all new players.

Who Are the Big Brother 23 Houseguests?

Among the houseguests, there is a Therapist, a Wine Safari Guide, a Truck driver, and a Broadway dancer just to name a few. With the cast release, we expect hardcore fans to begin looking for any dirt they can find on them.

Click on the names below for more details on Paramount+:

Alyssa Lopez
Azah Awasum
Brandon “Frenchie” French
Brent Champagne
Britini D’Angelo
Christian Birkenberger
Claire Rehfuss
Derek Frazier
Derek Xiao
Hannah Chaddha
Kyland Young
Sarah Steagall
Tiffany Mitchell
Travis Long
Whitney Williams
Xavier Prather

Do These Houseguests Live up to Expectations?

Overall, it’s a neat group and all fans can do now is expect the unexpected as Julie says. We do have a lot of interesting personalities this season so I tend to believe that we’re in for a fun and exciting season as a whole.

I expect these houseguests to give us a lot of drama, showmances and most importantly great gameplay. Many of these houseguests are hardcore fans and know a lot about the show like Claire, Frenchie, and Derek X to name a few.

When Can We See the New Houseguests in Action?

The all-new season starts on Wednesday, July 7, 2021 at 8/7c for a hour and a half premiere event. After that, we’ll get episodes every Sunday (8/7c), Wednesdays (8/7c), and Thursdays (8/7c).

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