Big Brother 21 Premieres Tonight On CBS

Big Brother 21 Premieres Tonight On CBS

Tonight, Big Brother comes back to either ruin or make your summer. It’s been a long pre-season wait with lots of rumors, speculations, and possible spoilers. All the speculations will come to an end tonight when we finally get some answers about Big Brother 21.

Usually during the Big Brother pre-season, we have at least one person to spoil some details. This year was filled with many but a lot of these have been proven false. We might have a legit spoiler with the news of a night one eviction. However, we won’t know if any of the rumors about evictions are true until part two of the premiere ends on Wednesday.

The show will start with Julie Chen introducing us to the season and the all new house design. Soon the all of the houseguests will be on the front stage and sent group by group into the house. Champagne will be lifted in toasts and Big Brother 21 will begin!

We know there will be some sort of twists to be had this season. Most likely, there will be various twists throughout the season. Tonight, we’ll find out at least one or two. The Big Brother 21 production has already hinted that there would be a twist unlike any seen in the history of the game.

Excitement awaits us tonight on CBS with the Big Brother 21 season premiere. Make sure you follow us on twitter for updates and spoilers all summer long on the events that transpire in the house.

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Big Brother starts tonight at 8/PM ET/PT with part one of a two part premiere. The second part of the premiere airs on Wednesday night, also at 8PM ET/PT. The Big Brother live feeds will be turned on shortly after the Wednesday night episode after the west coast airing.