Big Brother 19 House Tour With Julie Chen

Big Brother 19 House Tour With Julie Chen

Julie Chen gives us on a tour of the brand new Big Brother 19 house from the colors to the theme of all the rooms. She walks through the house and talks about what each room is and why its unique theme this summer will also tie in with this seasons twist.

Julie opens by saying that this season is “all about temptation” which plays on the overall theme of the house which is represented with the use of apples and snakes.

The first bedroom is the money room that is suppose to represent a dads den or office. The feel of the room is masculine with dark colors and the pillows have prints of money, and champagne on them. We also see beds that are made to look like leather lough chairs and to top it off we see fake money framed on the walls.

Julie now takes us to the kitchen and dinning room where see shows off the gold flatware and old architectural prints on the wall. We then see the lounge that has green apples on the wall to further push the twist. And the bathroom right next door has eighteen Venetian glass mirrors on the wall decorating it. She states it has a very New Orleans and old world feel to it.

Now we head upstairs to see the new head of household bedroom. She describes the room “as very gold, and very decadent” which it clearly is. We see real functioning safe deposit boxes on the wall. The hoh bathroom also has a very large chandler hanging on the ceiling.

Lastly, she takes us to the backyard that features the usual amenities, including a pool, Jacuzzi, pool table, hammock and that all-important outdoor gym.

Don’t forget that Big Brother will start on an special 2-night premiere on Wednesday June 28th and 29th. The live feeds will start on the 29th after the west coast airing of the episode. So make sure to sign up to CBS All Access so you don’t miss out on any of the action this summer!