Big Brother 19 House Pictures Released

Big Brother 19 House Pictures Released

The official Big Brother 19 house pictures have been finally put out by CBS. Not only that but we’ve got details on how this theme actually will tie in to the season’s overall twist.

Normally the house is designed many months in advance and doesn’t have anything to do with the game but this season is different. Executive producers Rich Meehan and Allison Grodner have stated that the theme of this house will be associated with temptation.

The new kitchen showcases the Memory Wall but we don’t see any key slots which means they’re sticking with the key box. We have plenty of seating around the island and breakfast bar.

The upstairs looks great this year and offers more chances of overheard conversations. You can also see down that balcony hallway where the phone booth was last season. The actual Head of Household room is set up like a bank vault in parts and has the overall look of wealth and greed.

The lounge is back and they have the room covered with green apples. They do however have a very big couch that looks difficult for many people to sit in at once. If many houseguests complain they might change it like they have in the past.

Next we head on over to the bathroom where they have Venetian mirrors on the walls. It’s somewhat of a posh design feel here with big couches that should be ideal for encouraging strategy sessions all season long.

In the living room we the words “MONEY”, “POWER”, and “ALLIANCE” plastered in bright colors on the wall. We also see black apples on the table that goes with whole theme of temptation.

The bedroom looks very nice this season with an overall theme of power. It supposed to have a feel of a wealthy persons den. They have $64,000 dollars worth of fake money on the walls as well.

Lastly, we see the backyard which has the swimming pool, jacuzzi, the hancock and outdoor gym which have become staples of the backyard every summer.