Big Brother 18 House Tour With Julie Chen

Big Brother 18 House Tour With Julie Chen

Julie Chen gives us on a tour of the newly designed Big Brother 18 house from the colors to the theme of all the rooms. She walks through the house and talks about what each room is and why its unique theme this summer will visually impress the houseguests and the viewers.

Julie opens by calling this show “the craziest summer vacation ever” which plays on the overall theme of the house which is travel and destinations. The living room aka the departure lounge as Julie calls it looks like a very plush airport.

The first bedroom is very Tokyo inspired pop art everywhere. We see anime characters on every wall in the room along with neon lights. The adjacent bedroom has a very opposite feel to it which is very British. From bowler hats to union jack themed items the room is adorned with them.

Julie now takes us to the kitchen which she says “feels very travel in the 60’s”. The center island this year has a base taken from a real 747 airplane. Now we “are going to Africa” for this years lounge room next to the bathroom. And the bathroom has a very Caribbean feel to it.

The backyard now has a brand new bigger swimming pool which also has a new jacuzzi right next to the pool. Julie now takes us upstairs and shows us the private lounge which is one the newly built skybridge from last year.

Lastly, she takes us into the new HOH bedroom. The theme of the room is Hawaii and had a headboard that is alive with a fish tank built in. Julie ends with saying that the house has many different destinations this year but the one place the houseguests don’t want to go is out the door.

Don’t forget that Big Brother will start on an special 2-night premiere on Wednesday June 22nd and 23rd. The live feeds will start on the 23rd after the west coast airing of the episode. So make sure to sign up to CBS All Access so you don’t miss out on any of the action this summer!