Big Brother 17 Nomination Spoilers For Week 3

Big Brother 17 Nomination Spoilers For Week 3

The latest Big Brother 17 spoilers have arrived courtesy of the 24/7 live Ffeeds today and we have our first round of nominations. Want to know which houseguests have been put on the block?

Remember that we’ll have four nominations each week instead of just two thanks to the return of the Battle of the Block twist. So get ready for another season of many of nominees each and every week.

Big Brother 17 Week 3 Nominations:

Austin nominated Jason & Meg
Vanessa nominated James & John

The Battle of the Block will take place later today with Austin’s goal to be dethroned leaving Vanessa in control and him open to win a physical Head of Household competition next week. Their main target is James thanks to John who is planning to throw the Battle of the Block.

Should this weeks objective end up falling apart and James come down then they’ll go with Jeff as the the replacement nominee. Not many discussions about what happens if Jeff wins the Power of Veto and using it to save James.