Big Brother 14: Six Houseguests Have a Backyard Sushi Party

At 9:10pm on the live feeds Mike Boogie, Dan, Janelle, Britney, Shane and Danielle are in the backyard for the sushi party.
Mike Boogie, Dan, Janelle, Britney, Shane and Danielle share what their biggest surprise was in coming into Big Brother. Britney says it her picking Willie and not knowing what she got into. Mike Boogie says Wil surprised him the most when he voted out his best friend Kara. Janelle says her biggest surprise has been the way Ian has been acting. Shane states that Joe is a family man and a rugged man then he then he started making these amazing meals. Danielle says that she thought she and Jenn were going but heads with her being she’s from the south and she being from New York. Dan says he’s been hit with many surprises but he was most surprised with his player Danielle.

The houseguests then chit chat about random facts that have happened in the house so far. They talk about how Jodi got evicted but made her come back the next day to take pictures. All six say they are shocked she came back to take pictures in her bikini and they wouldn’t do it. They then talk about hearing the other houseguests inside the house trying to have more fun than them. They agree they are just trying to make it seem they are having more fun then them.