Big Brother 14: Mike Boogie, Dan and Frank Discuss the Game

At 9:55pm on the live feeds Mike Boogie, Dan and Frank are in the bedroom chatting.
Dan asks Mike Boogie if he nervous that Frank is his only player with a chance to win competitions. He doesn’t think Jenn will win anything but thinks Ian might win endurance. He says that he thought Jenn was going to be the rocker chick who can fire it up but she wasn’t. He also says he has no hope for Jenn and Ian to win this game.

Frank says that he really wants to get Janelle out of the game next week and wishes he could. Dan asks both of them if they have any conspiracy theories about a possible twist this Thursday. Frank thinks a former houseguest might come back but if the coaches come back in he thinks that it will be 2 or 3 coaches and it’ll happen the following week.

Dan brings up the possibility that they will be given an option to come back. Mike Boogie says if he has 3 players left that he would choose to stay as a coach rather than becoming a player. Dan agrees says he only has 1 player so chances are better for him to jump into the game.