Big Brother 14: Joe Tries to Make a Deal with Shane

At 4:20pm on the live feeds Shane and Joe are in the HOH room chatting.
Joe is telling Shane that yesterday Frank was yelling at Janelle. He is saying he did that because she didn’t want him to backdoor Shane at all. Joe states that he is a true Kentucky boy and that his word is solid and could be trusted. He says that he would take a bullet and would jump in front of a bus for him.

Joe states that Mike Boogie has a stronger team than Janelle’s team and that if they take Frank out then Mike Boogie is done. Shane asks Joe if he would take out his own team for him. Joe says yes and that in 2 weeks he’ll take his his whole team. Joe is saying that Mike Boogie is untrustworthy because he had a deal with Janelle and turned his back on her.

Shane says that Joe is in the same position that Shane was in last week but for Joe he has an alliance. Joe states that he will never met a guy that can stay silent like himself. Joe explains to Shane that the teams will not matter in a couple of weeks. He says that the coaches will not be able to save any more players and the coaches competition might be removed soon.