Big Brother 14: Joe Tries to Make a Deal with Britney and Shane

At 11:00pm on the live feeds Britney, Shane and Joe are in the HOH room chatting.
Joe tells Britney and Shane that he’s in complete shock that he was nominated his heart started pacing and he felt sick. He wants Shane to know that he understands the nominations and were a smart thing to do. Joe give a lot of praise at Shane commenting on how he’s the strongest player in the house. Joe admits that alliance did screw Shane’s team over and so did Willie. Joe doesn’t want Janelle and her team to sugar coat how he’s feeling right now and he says he is very mad.

Joe is saying that people in the house can not trust Mike Boogie at all. Shane is saying he needs to make deals because he has nobody on his side right now. Britney tells Joe that him coming up even after being put on the block says a lot about him as a person. Shane says he feels sorry for Ashley but you run out of players and she had to go up. Shane tells Joe he doesn’t want to be awkward with Joe and that he can talk to him whenever he wants.