Big Brother 14: Janelle, Joe and Wil Talk About Getting Frank on the Block

At 10:15pm on the live feeds Janelle, Joe and Wil are in the backyard chatting.
Janelle, Joe and Wil agree if Frank gets taken out this week that Mike Boogie will pull a Willie and go insane. Wil says that he cannot believe Shane is stupid enough to not take Frank out. Wil states that Shane should at least take Ashley down and have Frank take her place. Janelle disagrees and states that they need to keep Ashley up on the block next to Frank. They say that Dan would never wast a vote to evict Ashley but he might decided to cut a deal with frank and get rid of Joe.

Wil starts to run many different scenarios that include backdooring Shane next week if Frank isn’t put on the block. Janelle tells him that they should not begin to start plotting Shane’s demise just yet because he might be useful for them. Janelle states that Shane is a very loyal player and he plays much the same game that Janelle played in season 6. Wil says that if Shane doesn’t use the POV and get Frank on the block that he will not get his vote if he makes it to the end of the game.