Big Brother 14: Britney and Danielle Talk About Janelle and Her Players

At 1:25pm on the live feeds Britney and Danielle are in the arcade room chatting.
Britney tells Danielle that they think that Wil might vote out Joe. Danielle asks why because he told her last night he was on board. Britney says that makes her feel better and that Janelle is just paranoid. Danielle asks why Janelle hasn’t talked to her in over a couple of days. Danielle tells Britney that Janelle told Wil that the only reason he is here is because she has been kissing ass all week. Danielle says that Janelle tells Ashley to kiss our ass too and Britney is shocked with this new information.

Britney says that she really had no idea this was taking place and needs to end going to bed early. Danielle states that she doesn`t trust Janelle at all anyone and that she just floats to who has power. Danielle and Britney discuss that all the drama in the house comes from Janelle and her players most of the time. Britney talks about how Janelle fabricates so many lies that they are catching up with her. Danielle says that if she get HOH on Thursday she will put up Ashley and Ashley.